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Assured revolutionizes insurance

API Integration

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Dedicated Landing Pages

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your platforms

Custom User Experiences

Differentiate how your customers
discover insurance

Embedding insurance in everyday experiences

Insurance penetration rates in the Philippines are among the lowest in Asia as the majority of Filipinos perceive insurance as complex and confusing. Existing products are also expensive and costly to distribute.

Assured helps close this gap and pave the way to a more financially inclusive world through embedded insurance. Embedded insurance is insurance presented as an additional feature of a product, service or platform - transforming how customers see and feel insurance.

Partners can embed protection and coverage products into their platforms - allowing customers to discover insurance through everyday experiences like paying a monthly bill or buying a car.

Who are we?

Assured is the Philippines’ first and revolutionary embeddable insurance
platform where insurance products are bundled within our daily lives - such
as paying a monthly phone bill or buying a new car.

Assured is the latest venture of UBX Philippines, the financial technology venture studio of Unionbank of the Philippines that makes financial services invisible, natural, and accessible through new and disruptive products and services

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